The Mongols in Central Europe

The Mongols in Central Europe

A tatárjárás Magyarországon és a mongol hódítás eurázsiai összefüggései projekt tisztelettel meghív minden érdeklődőt

The Mongols in Central Europe

The Profile and Impact of their Thirteenth-Century Invasions


nemzetközi workshopra

Időpont: 2020. március 26-27.

Helyszín: Szekfű Gyula Könyvtár, ELTE BTK, Múzeum krt. 6-8., 115-117. és Kari Tanácsterem, ELTE BTK, Múzeum krt. 4. A ép. 39.

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26 March 2020

14:00–15:15 Moderator: István Vásáry
Greetings of Batbayar Zeneemyadar, Ambassador of Mongolia to Hungary
Balázs Nagy: The Mongol Invasion of Hungary and its Central European Context
Attila Bárány: The Response of the West to the Mongol Invasion: 1241-1270

15:15–15:30 Coffee break

15:30–17:00 Moderator: József Laszlovszky
Alexander Nikolov: From the Pontic Steppes to Anatolia: The Cumanic Refugees from the “Mongol Storm” between 1237 and 1242
Konstantin Golev: The Cuman-Qipchaq Refugee Waves in Comparative Perspective: The Case of the Second Bulgarian Empire
Dorottya Uhrin: Beheading Among Nomads

17:30–18:30 Plenary lecture
Christopher Atwood: How Mongol Conquests Worked: Lessons from the Mongol Conquest of North China (at Building A, Room 39)

27 March 2020

09:00–10:30 Moderator: Ágnes Birtalan
Aleksandar Uzelac: The Kingdom of Hungary and Ulus of Nogai: The Contest for Regional Supremacy at the End of the Thirteenth Century
Roman Hautala: Whether we Can Reconstruct the 1241 Invasion of Poland without Długosz: Some Considerations Regarding the Credibility of his Account
Adam Lubocki: Mongol Invasion of Hungary in the Light of Polish Medieval Sources

10:30–11:00 Coffee break

11:00–12:30 Moderator: Balázs Nagy
Matthew Coulter: Patterns of Communication during the 1241 Mongol Invasion: Insights from the Ottobeuren Letter Collection
Mirko Sardelić: “Quasi per aerem volans”: The Mongols on the Adriatic Coast (AD 1242)
Tomaš Somer: Sources on the Mongol Invasion of the Kingdom of Bohemia in 1241

12:30–13:30 Lunch break

13:30–15:00 Moderator: Mirko Sardelić
Béla Zsolt Szakács: The Mongol Invasion and the Early Church Architecture in the Szepes/Spiš/Zips Region
Ágnes Birtalan: Hungarian Oral Narratives about the Mongolian Campaign
Beatrix Romhányi: Traces of the Mongol Invasion in the Settlement Network of the Kingdom of Hungary: Questions, Answers and Doubts

15:00–15:30 Coffee break

15:30–17:00 Moderator: Roman Hautala
Zsolt Pinke: Long-Term Eco-historical Studies for the Wetlands of the Great Hungarian Plain in the Context of the Mongol Invasion
Michal Holeščák: Mongol Invasion of 1241-1242 North of the Danube: Orda Khan´s Trail to Esztergom
József Laszlovszky: New Archaeological Finds and their Interpretation in the Context of the Mongol Invasion of Hungary

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