Francesca Fiaschetti’s lecture

Francesca Fiaschetti’s lecture

The project ‘The Mongol Invasion of Hungary in its Eurasian Context’

cordially invites you to a public lecture

Space, networks, elites in East Asia under Mongol Rule


Francesca Fiaschetti

4 pm on 3 December, 2018

Szekfű Gyula Library, ELTE BTK Room 115. (6-8. Múzeum körút, Budapest)



Space, networks, elites in East Asia under Mongol Rule

The paper investigates the military networks of the Yuan dynasty in the period between the reign of Möngke (r.1251-1259) and Qubilai (r.1260-1294), and the effects that the foreign policies of the Mongols had in the context of East Asia in the 13th century. Mongol intervention in the southwestern borders of China and in various regions of maritime Asia triggered the movement of many individuals along the routes of war, commerce and diplomacy, as well as mass-migration of Song loyalists and refugees to the shores of Southeast Asia. Through proposographical analysis and the investigation of some notable case-studies, the paper shows the impact of the Mongol rule in shaping the reality of early modern East Asia.

Francesca Fiaschetti is University Assistant (post-doc) at the Department of History, University of Vienna. She specializes in Chinese and Mongolian Studies, and has published various articles and edited volumes on diplomacy in East Asia under Mongol rule, the political ideology of the Yuan dynasty, representations of identity and ethnicity in East Asia.


The lecture was supported by the Nemzeti Kutatási Fejlesztési és Innovációs Hivatal, NKFIH K 128880.

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