The Mongols in Central Europe

The Mongol Invasion of Hungary and Its Eurasian Context project cordially invites you to the international workshop The Mongols in Central Europe: The Profile and Impact of their Thirteenth-Century Invasions the conference will be broadcast on Zoom 26 November… Meeting ID: 898 2170 0042 Passcode: 18KY1P 27 November: Meeting ID: 896 9867 7998 Passcode: gR1m9BProgram: 26 November 2020 12:30–12:45 Balázs Nagy: Welcome 12:45–13:50 Moderator: István Vásáry Greetings of Batbayar Zeneemyadar, Ambassador of Mongolia to Hungary Balázs Nagy: The Mongol Invasion … Continue reading The Mongols in Central Europe